Vani Fine Arts was founded in 1986 to cater for the aspirations of those who love and desire to learn Indian Music and Dance. Over the years, it has served as an effective bridge between Indian and Western cultures and has contributed in enhancing the multi-cultural Diasporas of the United Kingdom.

Vani Fine Arts believes in the principle of holistic learning – of not just in its students and followers mastering the great arts of Music and Dance, but also in becoming responsible, disciplined, culturally aware and sensitive citizens of society.

Mrs Sivasakthi Sivanesan, one of the foremost performer and teacher of Indian Music and Dance in the United Kingdom is the founder of Vani Fine Arts. She is Head of Carnatic Music and Vocal at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London and has worked tirelessly to ensure that Indian Music and Dance become truly universal and serve as key vehicles for community and cross-cultural integration.

Vani Fine Arts has had great success in teaching generations of young students in the traditions of performing arts through its workshops, lecture demonstrations and exhibitions. Under the sponsorship of Mrs Sivanesan, it has created many self-learning audio visual tools to assist keen students to imbibe the intricacies of Music and Dance at their own pace. As a major part of its activities, Vani Fine Arts has sponsored many renowned artistes, primarily from the Indian subcontinent, to come to the UK to teach and perform for students and connoisseurs alike.

Description of Activities

Vani Fine Arts works to bring education, exposure and opportunity to all members of the community who are interested in learning fine arts from the Indian sub-continent.

Vani Fine Arts operates several programmes that impart Vocal and Instrumental knowledge, and preparation for dance. These include:

  • One to one tutoring of students in vocal, instrumental and dance.
  • Group tutoring of students in vocal, instrumental and dance including lecture demonstrations by experts.
  • Special workshops to gain practical experience and focus.
  • Creating and providing modern audio-visual aids both for self learning, group learning and teaching.
  • Vani Fine Arts also organises concerts and workshops (See Future Programmes) and is actively involved with funding charitable organisations on the Indian Sub-Continent.